Contract C100

Client Committee for Residential Developments (CRD)
Consultant Parsons International
Value AED 124.3 Million
Duration March 2006 – September 2008
Location Madinat Zayed – Western Region of Abu Dhabi



The contract C100 is part of the development of 360 Hectares for a self-contained satellite township in the western region of Abu Dhabi (Madinat Zayed).
For such challenges, NCC group has the capacity to offer a vast array of services, coupled with an extensive experience in all types of infrastructure works.
The latter range from mass grading of 4 million cubic meters of soil to the construction of roads, pipe lines, sewerage pump stations, irrigation networks, potable water lines and any associated electrical and mechanical works.



• 15 km asphaltic base course roads of various right of way (22.4 m, 30 m and 45 m)
• Submersible type sewage pumpstation, 90 L/s
• 12.2 km gravity sewer line (200 to 250 mm UPVC pipes) and associated manholes and property connections
• 2 km gravity sewerline (200 to 500 mm GRP pipes) and associated manholes and property connections
• 850 m force main, 355 mm HDPE pipe
• 14.7 km HDPE Pipelines,160 to 250 mm diameter and associated chambers, fire hydrants and property connections
• 11 km HDPE Pipelines,110 to 315 diameter and associated chambers
• 1.25 MG rein forced concrete underground irrigation reservoir with 90 L/s pump station
• 24 no. of 11/415 KV electrical substations and associated transformers, switch gears, panels etc…
• 74 km long 11 KVMV/.415 LV cable laying and associated feeder pillars