Sewer and Sewerage works has been at the helm of our expertise range of services, since the beginning and over the years we have laid over 1000 Km of pipelines.

ADSSC, DEWA and various government and private agencies jobs undertaken by NCC for the past year and currently exploring in various areas in the UAE having Sewer and Sewerage works.

NCC is proud to be part of continual process on Sewer and Sewerage works to provide better environment to the general public.




NCC involvement in Road Works projects contributed to the Traffic Management Solution of UAE from its major road works Projects in the Capital Region (eg. Yas Island, Saadiyat Island, etc.), and Highways, Tunnels and Bridges projects in various locations in UAE.

All Road Works development projects are the ultimate solution or decrease traffic and find a long-term solution for heavy congestion. Road Works projects make business in UAE and logistics access easy to achieve.

NCC believes that the current high quality business in UAE brought and develops having proper Traffic Management Control in delivering products and services. We are proud to be part of Traffic and Logistics solutions of the UAE.