Contract C-308/1

Client : Abu Dhabi Sewerage Project Committee (SPC)
Consultant : KEO & ME Joint Venture
Value : AED 80.3 Million
Duration : August 2004 – March 2006
Location : Liwa Western Region of Abu Dhabi



The project scope included the construction of the civil works pertaining to a sewerage treatment plant (STP) serving central Liwa and various areas of Eastern and Western regions of Abu Dhabi.
It includes Inlet head works, Aeration Tanks, Clarifiers, Filters, Chlorine contact Tanks, Effluent Storage Tanks, Effluent Pump Station, Plant Drain & Filter rejection Pump Station, Sludge Holding Tanks, Waste sludge Pump Station, Sludge drying Beds, Sludge storage area, Administration Building, Boundary walls, Access roads, Walk ways etc..



• Civil works of sewerage treatment plant (STP)
• Sewage Pump Station (SPS) from gravity sewer to STP
• Mechanical screen chamber
• Pumping hall and wet well
• Chemical odor control system rooms
• Transformer rooms and stand-by generating room
• Accommodation building, boundary wall and main storage fuel tank


Contract M35

Client : ADSSC
Consultant : KEO International
Value : AED 68.3 Million
Duration : July 2005 – July 2007
Location : Al Ain



Contract M35 targeted the upgrading of an existing sewerage treatment plant.



• Construction of self contained inlet headwork housing
• Fine screening facilities and vortex grit removal
• Head works lifts station, odors control system
• Replacement of 32 surface aerators with fine bubble diffused air system including two new separate blower Buildings each with 5 blowers
• Replacement of sand filter media
• Installation ok 4 km new gravity 1400 mm diameter GRP sewer
• Abandon of pumping station PS1 and old inlet
• Implementation and installation of new “SCADA” for treatment plant
• Installation of 5 km of 500 mm GRP TSE rising main
• Installation of emergency pumping system


Infrastructure, Sewerage, Roads & Utilities

Client : Department of Municipal Affairs, Al Ain Municipality
Consultant : WS Atkins & Partners Overseas
Contractor : Al Fahjan Transport & Gen. Cont. Est.
Value : AED 126.6 Million
Duration : May 2009 – December 2011
Location : Al Ain



The project is located in the southern area of Al Ain and comprises the construction of 33 km of stormwater drainage, and 32 km of sewerage networks with associated manholes, chambers and various connections.
The pipeline works were mainly carried out using the open trench method and involving diversion, demolition and reinstatement works of utilities, roads and footpaths.



• Excavation and laying down 33 km of stormwater drainage pipeline network. Pipes are of various diameters ranging from 225 mm to 1600 mm
• 31.62 km of sewer pipeline network. Pipes diameters range from 160 mm to 1100 mm
• 760 manholes of various diameters 1.1 m, 1.5 m, 1.8 m and 2.4 m
• 457 chambers


Contract 509/9

Client : Parks & Recreation Facilities Directorate Muncipality of Abu Dhabi
Consultant : Parsons International Limited
Value : AED 104 Million
Duration : June 2008 – November 2009
Location : Abu Dhabi



The contract 509/9 covers the construction of surface drainage works for the Al Bahia and Al Sadr areas in Abu Dhabi.
The scope of works included the installation of more than 51 km of drainage pipes together. We note that the pipelines were delivered either with UPVC or concrete pipes and the installation was made by open trench method.



• Installation of 18,697 m of UPVC perforated pipelines. Outer diameter varies from 225 mm to 500 mm
• Installation of 21,353 m of UPVC normal pipelines. Outer diameter varies from 225 mm to 500 mm
• Installation of 9,461 m of reinforced concrete pipelines. Pipes diameters varies from 600 mm to 1800 mm
• 2,500 m of discharge line OD 315 mm UPVC class 10
• 302 manholes of different types
• 580 footpath and surface inlets
• 22, 443 m2, reinstatement of asphalt
• 10,081 m2, reinstatement of interlocking tiles
• 26,525.39 m, installation of kerbstones


Contract N100

Client : Abu Dhabi General Services Company PJSC (“Musanada”)
Consultant : Dorsch Consult
Value : AED 212.2 Million
Duration : May 2009 – May 2011
Location : Neima – Al Ain



As for many new developments, NCC has carried out for N100 contract the complete infrastructure works in preparation for the projected housing units.
The contract included the civil and electromechanical works for roads, sewerage and water networks.



• Earthworks, site clearance, levelling, disposal of unsuitable cut material, import of new fill material and linear grading between housing plots
• Roads and foot paths
• Two roundabouts with four entry/exit arms each
• Four ‘T-junction’ access points onto existing roads, including acceleration/deceleration lanes
• Road markings and traffic signs
• Services and utility ducts and crossings
• Relocation/replacement of 11 KV over headline
• Rerouting of electrical underground cables of various voltages
• Building for 11/0.4KV distribution substations and 11KV switching station
• 11 KV panel, LV panel distribution transformers
• 11 KV network for distribution substations
• 400 V networks from the distribution substation including supply & installation of feeder pillar and service turrets
• Underground ducts for 11 KV, LV and service cables networks
• Earthing system for distribution substation, switching station and feeder pillars
• Design of the street lighting as per the contract specifications
• 8 and 14 m high poles and control cabinet including foundations and cabling works
• Sewer network and associated manholes and chambers and connections to buildings
• Pipe installation by NDM Works, micro tunnelling or pipe Jacking
• Potable water network
• Firehydrants
• Strom water network and associated chambers
• Connection of fall new network to existing ones


Contract DS 152

Client : Dubai Municipality
Consultant : Khatib Al Alami
Value : AED 144 Million
Duration : December 2007 – November 2009
Location : Dubai



The contract DS 152 covers the provision of sewerage and drainage systems project for the residential and commercial plots in Al Warqaa 4.
Al Warqa is a residential area located at the north of Dubai, and comprising single individual villas.
The project includes over 31 km of sewerage lines and 40 km of drainage pipes together with the associated manholes, chambers and connections.
The project was divided into 5 different working zones A1 to A5. The proposed sewerage lines and drainage system had to be integrated or connected to other networks, whether existing, planned or under construction.
Needless to say that the coordination with the different stakeholders was a critical challenge to overcome.



• 31,326 m of sewerage lines. Pipes diameters range from 200 mm to 500 mm
• 514 manholes for sewerage network
• 7,050 km of lateral house connections
• 500 numbers of house connection chambers
• 39,270 km of storm water lines with pipes varying from 160 mm to 500 mm
• 333 manholes for drainage system
• Demolishing existing septic tanks and various structures


Roads and Infrastructure Works Phase 1

Client : Aldar Properties
Consultant : Halcrow International Partnership
Value : AED 215 Million
Duration : February 2010 – February 2012
Location : Abu Dhabi



The contract covers the execution of roads and utilities infrastructure in Al Ghadeer area north of Abu Dhabi.
NCC group offers, under one roof, the expertise and resources necessary to cover the extensive scope of this contract, an added value to the project and the client.



• 10 km of road network, single and dual carriage ways
• Sewerage network and associated pumping station
• Stormwater network
• Detention pond and associated facilities
• Potable water network including external connections to existing water main
• Electrical distribution network including sub stations, street lighting network
• Irrigation network including irrigation tank and pumping station


Contract O-1191

Client : Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company
Consultant : CANSULT Maunsell Limited / AECOM
Value : AED 162.5 Million
Duration : June 2008 – December 2010
Location : Abu Dhabi



The contract O-1191 covers the construction of Sewerage Schemes for various areas in Abu Dhabi. Al Shawamekh, Al Shahama, Al Sader A, Al Falah and Shamkha.
Around 29 km of pipe lines including the construction of 879 manholes & chambers and the interconnections of 72 no. to existing networks.
The pipes installation has been carried out either by open trench method or by micro tunnelling (NDM).



Al Shawamekh Area : Supply and installation of 3,300 m of gravity sewer networks. UPVC and GRP pipes of various diameters (160 mm to 225 mm) are installed
Al Shahama Area : Supply and installation of 1,600 m of gravity sewer networks. Pipes diameters range between 160 mm and 280 mm
Al Bahya Area : Supply and installation of 9,900 m of gravity sewer networks. Pipes diameters range between 160 mm and 280 mm
Al Sader ‘A’ Area : Supply and installation of 11,800 m of gravity sewer networks. Pipes diameters vary between 160 mm and 300 mm. In this area NCC had completed also two pumping stations of 10.0 l/s capacity 14.6.m TDH and 11.3 l/s capacity with 19.6 m TDH
Trunk Sewer of Falah and Shamkha Area, Stage 3:
– Construction of approximately 2.3 km of 1,000 mm diameter Trunk Sewer main
– Dismantling and demolishing the existing pumping station, including termination of all utility services and recovery of all mechanical, electrical and instrumentation installation/ equipment and deliver to ADSSC stores
– Demolishing of approximately 350 m length existing 1,000 mm diameter gravity pipeline

The underground works in these areas are challenging due to the underground cavities that require the control of a huge and unpredictable water flow. The project includes the construction of two pumping stations, complete with all related electro mechanic works.

In addition to the original contract many variation orders had increased the original scope and had included:
• Creation of new sewerage connection for plot nbr. 19 A at (MW-5) in Mussafah
• Flow capacity enhancement at sector W-21 in Abu Dhabi
• Sewer Network for Private Villas in Plot no. 100 Sector E 48
• Securing MPS 16 in East Bani Yas


Contract DS130

Client : Dubai Municipality, Drainage & Irrigation Department
Consultant : Al Turath / AAW Consulting Engineers
Value : AED 194.85 Million
Duration : May 2007 – May 2009
Location : Dubai



The project scope included the construction of twin rising mains 1300 mm diameter, and 1400 mm diameter pipe lines. Moreover, the scope included the completion of valve chambers and fittings along with the interconnections to the existing networks.
The project is located between pumping station H beside Interchange no. 4.5 and a proposed Pumping Station XI at Emirates road along Al Barsha road. Pipe installation has been carried out either by open trench method or by Micro Tunneling (NDRC).



• Installation of GRP pipes 1300 mm diameter. Two way pipe line, 8300 m
• Installation of GRP pipes 1400 mm diameter. Single Rising main, 1100 m
• Mechanical screen chamber
• Pumping hall and wet well
• Chemical odor control system rooms
• Transformer rooms and stand-by generatin groom
• Accommodation building, boundary wall and main storage fuel tank


Contract O1537

Client : Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company – ADSSC
Consultant : Hyder Consulting Middle East Ltd.
Value : AED 761 Million
Duration : November 2010 – October 2012
Location : Al Ain



Construction of Trunk Sewer Network & TSE Infrastructure – Part 2.
The Al Ain Asset Enhancement Scheme is intended to address a mixture of strategic and conceptual needs.
AES is being implemented in parallel with other components of the Capital Investment Program (CIP).

The contract includes :
– The construction of a new deep interceptor trunk sewer from the existing Mezyad trunk sewer in the center of Al Ain City to a new WWTW at Al Hamah. It is noted that approximately 53 km in length needed to be constructed by micro tunneling.
– The construction of a new TSE pumping station at Al Hamah WWTW and an Intermediate TSE Pumping Station with 2 reservoirs and chlorination facilities. Each of the pumping stations has a capacity of approximately 2200L/s.
– Construction of twin pumping mains of approximately 42.3 km trench length, from the TSE pumping station at Al Hamah to the Intermediate Pumping Station and from the Intermediate pumping station to the existing pumping station at M10.
– The scope of the work is divided into two packages, noting that package 2 has been awarded to NCC on 11th October 2010 with a completion date and handing over set for the 10th October 2012.



• 23 km of sewerage gravity lines. Various pipes diameters 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1400 mm, 1600 mm and 1800 mm. 10 km constructed by open cut method and 13 km by micro tunnelling. Invert depth varies between 5 m and 19 m
• 6.5 km of gravity sewer lateral with different pipes diameters from 160 to 1000 mm extended from the existing pumping main with invert depth varying from 2 to 17 m
• Improvement of gravity sewer lines for PN8 with different diameters 160 mm to 500 mm diameter, with length of 1.5 km and invert depth from 5 to 10 m
• 4.3 km for the ‘T’ line and main sewerage lines Mazeed, and sewerage gravity line. Pipes diameters from 160 mm to 800 mm. Invert depth from 1 m to 9 m
• 258 manholes
• Pumping main sewer lines for treated sewerage water
• 1.8 km of pumping main sewer line treated water 1200 mm diameter from Zakher to M10
• 3.5 km of treated pumping main 1200mm diameter from the treated pumping station at Zakher to locate of the 1st branch
• 5.7 km of treated sewerage pumping main lines 800 mm dia. from the location of the 1st branch to the 2nd branch
• 2.6 km from pumping main lines for the treated water sewers of 600 mm diameter, from the location of the 2nd branch to M10
• 8 flow control valve chambers; 12 close out gate valve chambers; 27 air valve chambers; 25 washout chambers; 7 discharge chambers and number of flow meter chambers
• Demolition works: Emptying and demolishing of 6 existing pumping stations